Our mackerel is a pelagic deep-water fish, full of Omega 3 oils. In Queensland it is the popular choice for fish & chip and takeaway shops.

Caught using approved sustainable fishing methods –our catch is available either in trunk / barrel form or fillets in random weight cartons

- Northern Flake -
coming soon!

Direct from the pristine waters of the Gulf of Carpentaria
Wren’s Northern Flake is sold via our distributor


Slabbed and Quartered Mackerel

Processed into shatter pack cartons and snap frozen at sea for utmost quality. Unloaded direct to Wren’s Karumba Coldstore.

Mackerel Fillets 60-90 gram 

Portioned fillets ranging between 60-90 grams sliced onto a tray and sealed for freshness with our on-site cryovac machine. Available as 500 gram or one kilo trays – packed 14 kilo to a shipper box.

Mackerel Portions 100-130 gram

Portioned fillets are packed into a 10 kilo set weight carton. Packed in two 5 kilo packages for ease of separating when required.