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Australian Mackerel Supplier

Wren Fishing are wholesale producers and suppliers of Australian mackerel. With a home port in Karumba and fleet of three vessels, Wren Fishing catch the equivalent of 400 tonnes of filleted fish each year, which is snap frozen and processed at sea to guarantee best quality freshness and flavour.

One of our vessels

Complying with strict Safefood Queensland and AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Services) standards for catching and processing mackerel, Wren Fishing process all catches on board to ensure freshness and best quality.

Portioned fillets are produced in Wren Fishing's processing plant situated on the banks of the Norman River.

Mackerel is sold wholesale in a variety of forms, including slabbed fillets, quartered fillets or cutlets to a range of distributors.

Portioned or sliced fish is also available ready for fish & chip shops and takeaway eateries of Australia.

Wren Fishing's company and product is completely Australian owned and operated. Our mackerel is a pelagic deep-water fish full of Omega 3 oils. Our mission is to provide the best quality mackerel, fresh from the Gulf of Carpentaria ready to be shipped and eaten for your enjoyment.

For more information on Wren Fishing and our 100% Australian mackerel products, please contact or phone 0488 394 365.

For more information on our Portioned / Sliced Fish, please contact Dave The Mackerel Man on or phone 0419790514

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"How local is your shop's fish?" Just Ask

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